Public Membership

  • Suitable for anyone with an interest in politics or political studies, including politicians and civil servants, journalists and third sector workers
  • Cost: £40 per year
  • Subscription to our e-newsletter and Political Insight

  • Access to our 58 subject-specific specialist groups

  • Free or discounted attendance to events

  • Access to online resources

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Are you a member of the public with an interest in politics? If so, the PSA looks forward to welcoming you.

Academic Membership

  • Suitable for political studies and political science academics, retired academics, and academics from other disciplines

  • Also suitable for PhD students and early career academics, masters students, and undergraduate students
  • Cost: Sliding scale by income
  • Significant reduction on Annual Conference registration

  • Eligibility to apply for grants and prizes

  • Access to our 58 subject-specific specialist groups

  • Subscriptions to our academic journals, Political Insight, PSA News and our e-newsletter

  • Voting rights as a member of the PSA at our Annual General Meeting

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Join over a thousand academics from around the world who are members of PSA. We offer a wide range of members-only benefits at progressive prices depending on your career stage.

School Membership

  • Suitable for teachers of politics, history, citizenship and other social sciences subjects
  • Cost: £25 per year
  • Eligibility for our 'Seminar for Schools' programme
  • Priority booking for our exciting programme of events
  • Online subscription to our academic journals and Schools e-newsletter
  • Eligibility to apply for grants and teaching awards

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If you’re a teacher then we have a wide range of benefits for you to access and share with the rest of your school.