We have a series of grants for members of the PSA and members of other international political studies/science bodies. Please see below for their details and submission forms. 

All grants are now closed for 2021.

The Political Studies Association, in light of the covid-19 pandemic, will not be offering grants that facilitate international or local travel. For those who are looking for financial support to attend our PSA 2021 Annual Conference please be aware that we have tried to make our registration fees as accessible as possible for both members and non-members of our organisation. For more information on conference rates click here. If you would like to discuss your situation or conference registration further please contact conference@psa.ac.uk


The Randall International Conference Grant

Each year the PSA awards a number of grants to members to support the presentation of research at overseas national PSA conferences.

This award is named after Professor Vicky Randall who died on 22 November 2019. She served as the second female chair of the Political Studies Association from 2008 until 2011. She was a pioneering feminist political scientist whose work reflected a continuing interest in how members of marginalised groups engaged in politics. 

The Randall International Conference Grant for 2021 is now closed.

For more information about this PSA grant, please e-mail grants@psa.ac.uk.


PSA Early Career Network Access Fund

Open to all early career members of the PSA, who are presenting/participating in Panels at PSA Annual Conferences. 

The Early Career Network Access Fund for 2021 is now closed. 

For more information about this PSA grant, please e-mail info@psa.ac.uk.


International Visitor Scheme

The PSA makes a number of awards for international visitors to attend the PSA Annual Conferences under its International Visitor Scheme. This grant is open to anyone who has had their paper approved and is a member of a partner PSA across the world or a collective member of IPSA

The International Visitor Scheme for 2021 is now closed

For further information please email: grants@psa.ac.uk.