The Université Grenoble Alpes is recruiting 1 PhD student as part of the ERC Consolidator Grant Project: The Politicisaton of Economic Inequality (POLINEQUAL)

The full title of the project is: The Politicisaton of Economic Inequality: The Impact of Welfare Regimes, Elites' Discourse and Media Frames on Citizens' Perceptions, Justice Evaluations and Political Behaviour (POLINEQUAL). Anticipated start of working contract: November 1st, 2021. Duration of the contract is 4 years, composed of 1 year + 3 years. Position based in Laboratoire Pacte, Grenoble, France.

Project summary and background

POLINEQUAL aims to study the causes and mechanisms that motivate citizens to respond to economic inequalities. Conceptually, it is based on the assumption that:

  1. Individual perceptions of economic inequality are biased because they are mediated by evaluations of justice and therefore do not reflect objective levels of economic inequality,
  2. Perceptions of economic inequality are informed by facts, ideological cues, media representations and personal heuristics,
  3. These perceptions and justice evaluations are malleable to the extent that economic inequality is politicized, and
  4. Perceptions and evaluations of economic inequality elicit emotional, attitudinal and behavioural responses.


Requirements to apply

  • Hold a Master's degree (or equivalent) in political science, sociology or another discipline of the human and social sciences.
  • Having already worked on welfare states, economic inequality, moral economy, political attitudes or related topics will be an important selection criterion.


Composition of the application file

  • CV
  • BA, Master 1 and Master 2 transcripts/grades
  • Research dissertation written during the master's degree and/or other academic work relevant to this position
  • Document explaining the motivations for POLINEQUAL topics and the relevant knowledge/skills acquired (2 to 3 pages recommended)


Applications deadline is the 15th of October 2021.

For more details and to apply, see this document.