PSA Student Political Speech Competition 2021

#UnexpectedVoices in partnership with the University of East Anglia

The competition is now closed for entries. Live finals to take place Monday 15th March as part of the global celebrations for World Speech Day. Click here to register for the event. 


Watch our 2021 top ten speech makers here.

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"COVID has popped reality as we know it and 'Humanity is at crossroad' as to how we go from here. We need young voices to shape the future!

It is important, in a democratic society, that people can communicate what they think, want or believe. But it’s not enough simply to be able to communicate. People should put forward their views and experiences in ways that are clear, engaging and interesting so that the people listening are able to decide whether they agree or disagree. The growth of sound-bites, spin, talking points (and too many bad or dishonest speeches) has made people suspicious of public and political speeches – or just bored. Yet great speeches do more than just talk about the world. They change it by giving people new ways to think about things and good reasons to act."

Our competition invites students to put your ideas into words, words into sentences, sentences into persuasive speech.

Speeches can mobilise people to take action to create a better future. 



Meet our 2021 Finalists
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How The Competition Works
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How To Start?
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Our Competition Mentors & Judges
Meet the 2021 competition Mentors who will be helping our finalists develop their speeches.
Hear the 2020 Final Speeches
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How To Use This Booklet
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What makes a speech political?
UEA’s Professor Alan Finlayson

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