PSA ‘exchanger’ at Mexico PSA’s 2nd International ‘Congreso’

José Angel Garcia, PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield, presents his research at Toluca

[group photo, left to right, Felipe Carlos Betancourt Higareda – PSA member; Emeritus Professor John Dunn, University of Cambridge; Professor John Ishiyama, American Political Science Association; José Angel Garcia; Emily Price, Barrister]

The PSA, as a world-leading academic organization, not only contributes to the development of the study of politics in the UK. Through its international events, publications, and agreements with partner organizations overseas, it actively promotes the professional and academic advancement of its members. A case in point is the PSA’s agreement with the Mexican Political Science Association (AMECIP).

Thanks to the PSA’s support, I had the opportunity to participate in AMECIP’s 2nd International Congress of Political Science in 11-13 September 2014. This was an event attended by more than 1,000 people from different parts of the world. There I presented my research on The impact of civil society on public policy in Mexico to an international academic audience and met leading political scientists from diverse research institutions.

Throughout the three days of the event, I met and exchanged research views on democratization, political activism, and the development of civil society with my colleagues. More importantly, I was able to attend the magisterial conference of one of the most important political theorists alive, Professor Adam Przeworski. This not only enriched my understanding of social democracy, but increased my interest in the study of the subject through quantitative and qualitative methods.

In addition to this, by presenting the preliminary results of my current doctoral research in a seminar organized at the University of the State of Mexico (UDEM), I engaged a younger, critical and multidisciplinary audience in the study of democracy, violence and its impact on social conducts. What is more, I was lucky enough to share my research with and learn more from both Dr. Felipe Carlos Betancourt Higareda, the PSA-member liaison in Mexico, and Dr. John Ishiyama, editor of the American Political Science Review. I hope to work with the latter in future academic projects.

Experiences like these are immensely valuable for any political scientist. This is why the PSA and its extensive support schemes are of extreme importance to all of us.

José Angel Garcia is a PhD candidate at University of Sheffield