PSA Teaching Quantitative Methods Network

Recent initiatives (Nuffield; ESRC; HEFCE; British Academy) have sought to prioritise the development of quantitative methods (QM) in the social science curriculum. The PSA has been very supportive of such initiatives, including supporting the development of a quality ‘kite mark’ for QM Teaching. To this end, the PSA created the PSA Teaching Quantitative Methods Network (TQMN). The aim of this network is to support academic staff teaching quantitative methods and to share and disseminate expertise and best practice in this area.  

Resources for teaching quantitative methods

As funding bodies such as the ESRC, Nuffield Foundation and the Higher Education Academy have sponsored projects to create materials for teaching quant methods. The TQMN has compiled a list of these resources, plus others on a dedicated page: Resources for teaching quantitative methods. If you have any suggestions for additional contributions, please get in touch with one of the team (noted below).

Case studies in teaching quantitative methods

The TQMN is working on assembling a collection of short case studies in teaching quantitative methods in politics.  These short case studies highlight good practice in teaching quant methods in the social sciences, allowing lecturers to quickly learn some of the techniques and tricks their colleagues are employing across the UK.  We are actively seeking to add to this collection of case studies.  If you have a technique for teaching research methods that you would like to share on this page, please get in touch with one of the team (noted below).


The TQMN has so far run two workshops.  The first was a day long workshop on embedding quantitative methods across the politics curriculum, held at Liverpool in November 2016.  The second was a panel on technology choice at the PSA's annual Elections, Public Opinion and Parties conference at the University of Nottingham in September 2017.  Our second workshop was held on in November 2017 on Using Technology to Teach Quantitative Methods. 

TQMN team

The TQMN is run by a group of enthusiastic innovators representing three universities, including a Q-Step Affiliate. They are mainly early-careers scholars who have developed extensive experience teaching research methods at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.They also have a history of receiving funding for research methods teaching innovation: Emily Clough (Newcastle University); Raul Gomez and Nicholas Lees (University of Liverpool); Helen Williams and Scott Moser (University of Nottingham).  Please get in touch with any member of the team if you would like to be kept apprised of TQMN activities or contribute to the network.

Group contact

Emily Clough
Newcastle University
United Kingdom