The TQMN is working on assembling a collection of short case studies in teaching quantitative methods in politics.  These short case studies highlight good practice in teaching quant methods in the social sciences, allowing lecturers to quickly learn some of the techniques and tricks their colleagues are employing across the UK.  We are actively seeking to add to this collection of case studies.  If you have a technique for teaching research methods that you would like to share on this page, please email Emily Clough at


Publishing original research with students the case of ‘MPs on PMs, Nichola Allen, Royal Holloway

Getting students to engage with media accounts of statistics: editorial assignment, Emily Clough, Newcastle University

Challenges of embedding & maintaining substantive interests in QM Courses, Brian Fogarty, University of Glasgow

Using blended learning and problem-based learning approaches to embed quantitative methods into substantive modules, Raul Gomez, University of Liverpool

Integrating Quantitative Methods into the Study of Democratisation, Nicholas Lees, University of Liverpool

Embedding quantitative political science in a gender module, Maarja Luhiste, Newcastle University

Teaching Research Methods: To embed or not to embed...the rise of a third way?, Helen Williams, University of Nottingham