The PSA operated a Quantitative Methods Network from 2013 until 2016. This was led by Professor Stephen Fisher. Professor Fisher is Associate Professor in Political Sociology and the Fellow and Tutor in Politics at Trinity College, Oxford University. 

This Network was established in response to the moves by the British Academy, Nuffield Foundation, HEFCE and ESRC to develop and building teaching capacity in quantitative methods. The PSA has long been supportive of providing opportunities for members to develop and enhance their methodological skillset. The PSA's response to an earlier British Academy consultation on scoping qunatitative skills can be found here.

 The Network was responsible for:

  • Developing innovative, accessible and engaging politics-focused teaching resources to support politics QM lecturers
  • Sharing and spreading best practice in engaging often reluctant students with QM teaching
  • Developing and maintaining a Network website accessible to network members (hosted by PSA)
  • Where possible, highlighting links to politics datasets that may be used for politics teaching, learning and research
  • Holding regular workshops or conferences focused on teaching and learning QM skills

Please see here for information about the 2013 Launch Event


Please see here for information about the Network's 2015 ConferencePlease see here for the conference programme. The PSA provided funding to ensure that attendees to this confernce were not charged. 


The keynote presentation was by Chris Zorn (Pennsylvania State University) on "Understanding the Evolution of Judicial Consensus with Sentiment Analysis'. 


The PSA QM Network also ran a number of teachers' projects during the lifespan of the Network. For more information, visit:

Stephen Fisher of the PSA QM Network was featured on Channel 4 News on 2 January 2015 in a video titled: 'Predicting the election - an impossible job?' Watch here.