Founded in 1974, holding its first conference in January 1975 at the University of Keele, The American Politics Group is the major professional organisation for the researchers and teachers in the UK whose work concentrates on the government and politics of the USA. Membership is not restricted to the UK, and APG conferences regularly attract the involvement of trans-Atlantic and European colleagues.

The Group holds an annual 3-day conference in January, an annual colloquium hosted at the US Embassy in London in November, and various other events. In recent years the members have raised money to establish an intermittent programme of travel awards for UK postgraduate students.

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Specialist Groups Convenors: 
Role Name Institution Email
Chair Andrew Wroe University of Kent
Vice-Chair Mara Oliva University of Reading
Membership Secretary (outgoing) Gareth Williams Cardiff University
Treasurer Dafydd Townley University of Reading
Membership Secretary Valentina Dotto BCU School of Law