By Benjamin Franks on 12 February 2018

Call for one additional paper to be included in a panel for the 5th Anarchist Studies Network Conference at Loughborough University, 12–14 September 2018

Panel “The Classical Perspective: Functional and Dysfunctional Imaginations of Anti-Colonialism”

The aim of the panel is to start thinking with “classical anarchism”, i.e. the famous dead heroines and heroes of anarchism, and then to use imagination to transfer their thought into an anti-colonialist perspective—if that is ac...tually possible. We want to find out what one can do creatively with the old texts. Anarchists such as Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Malatesta, Goldman, Rocker etc. had invented their theories before most struggles against colonialism were successful. Is their perspective compatible with postcolonial perspectives? What would have to be changed? What can they contribute to anti-colonial discourse?

We have already found each other. Now we are looking for a third person to join us. We make use of the imagination: novel, film, thought-experiment. And we both draw heavily on Kropotkin. So we invite you to broaden our “classicism” and/or our imagination: Quote (or ingeniously misquote) other classical anarchists to find creative new paths towards anti-colonialism—or show that the old ideologues are too limited in their theories. We approach anarchist theory respectfully, but also decidedly critically. Sounds interesting to you? Then we invite you to quickly invent a contribution to our panel!

The titles of our papers are:

Dominique Miething: “Kropotkin’s ‘Mutual Aid’ as Trigger and Trope of Anti-Colonial Resistance” (Reflections on “Morenga” and the Herero and Namaqua genocide)

Peter Seyferth: “From liberated territory to world revolution: Making the case for an anarchist imperialism” (Provocative thought-experiment with IR reasoning)

Please send your title and a reasonably short abstract (like half a page or so) to both of us before 24 February 2018. Feel free to ask questions beforehand. E-Mail: and