The Anti-politics specialist group established in 2013 and dedicated to providing a forum for researchers examining those processes throughout society that seem to have marginalised normative political debates and fostered an air of disengagement, disaffection and disinterest in politics. Although these topics have been the subject of much research and academic debate for some time, scholars interested in these ‘anti-political’ phenomena have tended to talk past each other rather to each other. The purpose of this group is hence to foster interaction, collaboration and debate amongst researchers focusing on these disparate but potentially interconnected areas of research.

Latest News and Forthcoming Events:

  • Led by Dr. Uri Gordon and PSA Anarchist Studies Network which has been recently granted the PSA Pushing the Boundaries award, APDSG will take part in a one-day symposium being organised in the eve of the upcoming UK elections in the University of Nottingham. The symposium's main theme is "Re-engagement or Rebellion". The highlight of the event will be a public debate between Michael Sani, director of voting-registration NGO “Bite the Ballot”, and Jon Bigger, Class War parliamentary candidate for Croydon South and a PhD candidate at PHIR.


  • The Anti-politics specialist group has successfully participated in ECPR Research Sessions held in the University of Essex on 8-11 July 2014. The specialist group convenors came together to work on a Leverhulme funding proposal for an international research project with partners from UK, Europe and Australia.


  • Following the Essex meeting, the specialist group organised two separate but interconnected workshops held in Central European University, Hungary (10 October 2014, the workshop programme and details can be found here) and the University of York, UK (8 December 2014, details here) under its proposed research project. The workshops brought together scholars and researchers from a variety of disciplines working on the themes of anti-politics, politicisation and depoliticisation with the objective of publishing an edited collection out of this collaboration. The workshop organised in Budapest with the collaboration of CEU- Center for Policy Studies was funded by the PSA Special Activities Funding which APDSG was granted for the 2014-15 academic year.



  • The Anti-politics specialist group plans to hold its 3rd Annual Workshop in the summer of 2015 with the objective of continuing its ongoing international collaboration and publication agenda with colleagues and researchers currently active within its reseach network.


If you would like further details or are interested in becoming a member of the Anti-politics specialist group please email or contact group convenors: Dr Pinar Donmez, Dr. Matthew WoodDr Caroline Kuzemko, Dr. Ross Beveridge or Mr. Adam Standring.