Conservatives and Conservatism

About Us

The group aims to encourage the creation and dissemination of high quality research on all aspects of conservatives and conservatism.
It aims to create a sense of identity and common purpose among those interested in a part of the political spectrum that has attracted far less scholarly interest than its obvious electoral and philosophical importance merits.
The group aims to take a supportive approach in order to encourage engagement with conservatives and conservatism studies across the many levels of academic development.


New Team

In Oct 2016, a new team, including group convenors Anthony Ridge-Newman and Alan Convery, developed a range of fresh ideas for the group. These include developing opportunities for research impact and knowledge exchange between scholars, political actors, conservative parties and think tanks. While maintaining the group’s traditions, the new team sees an opportunity to expand the scope of the group and broaden the definition/understanding of what conservatives/conservatism are/is.
Both the British Conservative Party and the US Republican Party are at interesting points in their histories. Developments like Brexit and Trump are likely to fuel research interests for some time. However, it seems timely to encourage more engagement and interests beyond those two parties. Conservatism is also changing across Europe and other regions. Other political actors, like, for example, the conservative wings of religious organisations, can play roles in influencing agendas and public policy. The Scottish Conservatives have become increasingly interesting in recent times, as have developments in the conservative media.
If you would like to join the group and be added to our mailing list, please contact the convenor.