The Media and Politics Group (MPG) aims to act as a forum for discussion between a wide variety of academics with interests in the study of media policy, journalism, political communications, new information technologies and other topics.

The Group always contributes a stream of panels to the PSA annual conference, as well as running its own successful annual conference every November.

The Group convenors are  Professor Alec Charles, Dr Emily Harmer, Dr Katy Parry and Dr Jen Birks.

The next MPG Annual Conference will be held in November 2018 at the University of Nottingham. Call for papers will be published in spring 2018.

You can request lifetime membership of the MPG through the PSA website. If you are a PSA member then membership of the MPG is free. If you are not a PSA member, then you will then be confirmed once you have paid the one-off (£10 via credit/ debit card) joining fee by calling 01202 961600 and making reference to the PSA Media and Politics Group, or account number 'J920 ABEM08X'.

Specialist Groups Convenors: 
Role Name Institution Email
Convenor Katy Parry University of Leeds
Convenor Jen Birks University of Nottingham
Convenor Alec Charles University of Winchester
Convenor Emily Harmer University of Liverpool
Convenor James Dennis University of Portsmouth