The PSA is the UK’s leading association in the study and research of politics and the second largest in the world. The Media and Politics Group is one of its largest specialist groups, with a membership of around 150.

The MPG is there to encourage debates around politics, communications and technology, in a way that draws upon the various disciplines of social and textual analysis, as well as political science. The Group always contributes a stream of panels to the PSA annual conference, as well as running its own successful annual conferences.

The Group was founded by Prof. Mark Wheeler and Dr Dominic Wring. Current convenors are Dr Alec Charles, Dr Emily Harmer, Prof Mick Temple and Dr Daniel Jackson. Prof Jay G. Blumler and Prof Colin Seymour-Ure serve as joint Hon. President.

Past MPG gatherings have been held at the Universities of Oxford, East Anglia, Sunderland, Staffordshire, Strathclyde, Loughborough, Goldsmiths and Bournemouth. The 2012 conference was held at The University of Bedfordshire. Guest speakers at events have included Sir Robin Day, Michael Brunson, Bob Ainsworth MP, Bill Rammell, Andrew Marr, Chris Mullin MP and Nick Cohen.