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PSA Student Video Competition 2018 


It’s the subject that no one wants to talk about but yet; everyone is still talking about it! The UK will leave the European Union 29 March 2019. It’s a defining moment in our lifetime and will change the course of the political scene indefinitely. What does it mean to you?

Young people overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU. So where does that leave you? Not everyone had the chance to vote or debate the subject and even now young people are struggling to get their voices heard in the decision-making process. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! 

The deadline for entries is 12 noon Tuesday 16th October 2018. 

Student teams should produce a video, up to 4 minutes long, explaining to us, in your own creative way, what Brexit means to you, your classmates and/or your community. 

Please find the full video guidelines here.


1. Send your School name and list of team members to

2. You will recieve a DropBox Sharing link from a member of our team

3. Upload your video into the DropBox Folder


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Please find below a list of resources you might find helpful:

  • Student Video Competition, Timeline (to print)
  • Student Video Competition, Poster( to print)  

Any questions or having trouble submitting your entry? email Jamie Roberts (Development Officer, Teaching and Learning) via