The PSA hosts a number of briefings throughout the year on topics of interest to the media.  Many of the topics covered in the sessions act as valuable teaching resource for our teacher members. Previous topics relating to the 'A' Level Politics and Government or Higher and Advanced Higher Politics syllabus have included the UK Constitution, Electoral Reform and "The State of the Parties" in Britain.

For a full list of all media briefings and accompanying video footage, please visit the media area of our website here.

General Election 2015

  • The Conservative Party - Professor Jane Green (University of Manchester)
    Video - Podcast - Slides
  • The Labour Party - Professor Tim Bale (Queen Mary, University of London)
    Video Podcast
  • The Liberal Democrats - Dr David Cutts (University of Bath)
    Video - Podcast - Slides
  • UKIP - Dr Matthew Goodwin (University of Nottingham)
    Video - Slides
  • The Green Party - Professor Sarah Birch (University of Glasgow)
    Video - Slides
  • The SNP - Dr Rob Johns (University of Essex)
    Video - Slides
  • The Latest Forecast and Likely Coalition Permutations (16 April 2015) with Professor John Curtice (University of Strathclyde), Dr Jennifer Hudson (University College London) and others.
    Slides and Presentation Pack - Video (via BBC) - Podcasts


Scottish Independence - 17 June 2014