We wanted to find a way to celebrate the work being conducted by these students and share their research with PSA members and the wider academic community. This Undergraduate Research Hub represents the hard work of a new generation of political-thinkers! We'll keep updating this page as and when we receive student research. Why not have a browse, find a subject you're interested in or something completely new! 

Video Presentations 

"'Using Polanyi's theory of the "double movement" to explore the democratic backsliding of Hungary and Poland"
"The Cambridge Analytica Effect: A Computational Analysis of the Securitisation of the use of Personal Data in Political Campaigns"
"The Female Dominatrix: A case of Patriarchy or female liberation? A post-modern feminist approach to the rise in female dominated pornography”
"State apologies: Re-imagining politics or reinforcing realism?"
"Reimagining Climate Justice"
'"We've already won" Analysing Extinction Rebellion's Strategic Logic'
"Reigniting Debate: Green Energy as a discursive tool for Scottish Independence"
'The Political Narratives in Traditional Media and New Media in Kenya...'

Short-Blogs & Presentation Slides 

These blogs have been categorised by 'themes' to help you navigate to the topic or subject you're looking for!

Populism, Anti-Politics & The Far Right

Climate Change & The Environment 

Democracy & Authoritarianism 

Local Governance

Politics, the Arts & Social Media

Conflict, Peacebuilding & Justice

Identity, Inequality and Social Policy

Political Theory

International Political Economy and Trade


Undergraduate Dissertation Papers