To mark the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, the Political Studies Association has teamed up with a range of academics to examine it's legacy.

On YouTube, we gave them 20 seconds to give their opinion on the agreement and its aftermath. 

On the PSA Blog, Eamonn O'Kane takes a big picture look at the GFA on its 20th birthday

Paul Dixon examines the honourable deceptions that made it all possible

Quintin Oliver, who led the referendum campaign to back the deal, says the GFA changed his life

Alison McCulloch looks at what it might mean now the Irish border is back as a live political issue

And Nikos Skoutaris examines the wider implications of Brexit on the deal

Adrian Guelke argues that there should be a sense of alarm about the ageement's future

Jon Tonge goes one further and says the GFA might be dead

Timofey Agarin examines what the deal has meant for those who do not identify as unionist or republican

And Cathal McCall looks at the travails of the North/South ministerial council.

Finally, Feargal Cochrane looks at the deal from an emigrant's point of view


Photo by Titanic Belfast

The Good Friday Agreement: 20th Anniversary