The PSA’s Trustees are delighted to announce the following successful projects from the PSA’s Research & Innovation Fund, which aims to support our members to execute innovative research and engagement projects to further the aims of our association and our discipline as whole. 

Like the first round in 2020, we have been overwhelmed by your response and the number of high-quality applications. Thank you for taking part.   

We are delighted to tell you that the following projects and PSA members were successful and were awarded funding in 2022: 

  • Patrick Rewa McSweeney from Georgetown University, Washington. D.C: Survey of democratic youth to identify intra-party conflict and the nomination process 

  • Dr Emily Rainsford from Newcastle University and Professor Clare Saunders from Exeter University.: Innovative interventions into protest research 

  • Italian Specialist Group - Dr Mattia Zulianello from University of Trieste: Affective Polarisation during the 2023 Italian General Election 

  • Technology, Internet and Policy & the Media and Politics Specialist Groups - Dr Kate Dommett from University of Sheffield: Regulating new media and old media: Research challenges, emerging findings and future  


  • Greek Politics Specialist Group - Dr Angelos Angelou from London School of Economics and Political Science: Small states and EU policy making in the era of polycrisis 

  • Dr Antonella Seddone from University of Turin: The impact of external crises on the relations between member states and the European Union 

  • Dr Yue Zhou Lin from University of Bristol: Confronting Eurocentrism for Equality and Diversity: Innovative Pedagogical Strategies and Voices of International Students 

  • Andy Knott from University of Brighton: Populism Specialist Group Sixth Annual Workshop at Brighton University 

  • Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group - Dr Hans Asenbaum, Canberra University; Dr Anastasia Deligiaouri, Dublin City University; Dr Dannica Fleuss, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg: Workshop at Manchester Metropolitan University 

  • Dr Benjamin Bowman, Manchester Metropolitan University; Dr Sharon Coen, University of Salford: Climate Emergency! Hackathon at the PSA Annual Conference 2023, Liverpool 

  • Dena Arya from Nottingham Trent University: What role does economic inequality play in how young people participate in environmental politics in the UK? 


PSA Trustee Dr Andy Mycock, remarked: “The success of the inaugural PSA Research and Innovation Fund was evidenced through the significant impact of the diverse projects which were supported in terms of publications, policy and public engagement, and further funding."

“We are keen to build on this success, and are proud to invest in our membership through the funding of another exciting range of projects this year. We look forward to working with our successful members in delivering their projects.” 

We will keep you updated on their progress and wish them every success in taking this work forward in 2022 & 2023.