The PSA is looking for a new treasurer and two new trustees to join its Executive Committee.

The positions will be held for a three-year term, which can be renewed once. Each trustee takes on an allocated brief and attends quarterly meetings of the Executive Committe. In addition, the treasurer will be expected to join the Senior Leadership Team which meets once between each EC meeting. For more information about the role of trustees within the PSA please read our code of practice.

Nominees should be innovative, creative and committed. It is expected that the majority of trustees will chair a PSA sub-committee and/or take the lead for a key area of the association’s remit.

The treasurer, who will likewise share the dynamism expected of all our trustees, will, ideally, possess experience in a senior management role including oversight of budgets and financial planning. The treasurer will be expected to work closely with the CEO & the PSA’s finance officer in the allocation and monitoring of the PSA’s budget throughout the year and the preparation of the annual report and accounts.

Nominations close at midnight Tuesday 10 April. Voting will then take place 25 April - 11 May. New trustees’ first meeting as members of the Executive Committee will be in June.


To run, please email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your institutional affiliation (if you have one);
  • Your PSA membership number (you must be a member at the time of nomination);
  • The PSA membership numbers of the two members willing to second your nomination (they may be based at your own institution or elsewhere);
  • A personal statement (max. 150 words) that will be used within the election publicity as the rationale for why members should vote for you.


As well as providing strategic leadership to the Association, those elected will become legal trustees of the Association as a charity, and therefore must act in accordance with Charity Commission guidelines. In accordance with the Charities Act, you are disqualified from becoming a trustee of the PSA if you:

  • have an unspent conviction for an offence involving dishonesty or deception (such as fraud);
  • are bankrupt or have entered into a formal arrangement (eg an individual voluntary arrangement) with a creditor;
  • have been removed as a company director or charity trustee because of wrongdoing.


If you have any questions about standing, or the election, please contact the Returning Officer, Paul Tobin, at