Jamie Roberts

The British Academy are now seeking to collect doctoral graduate case studies from postgraduate researches who have entered employment beyond academia for a new publication.

To propose a case study or learn more, please read the ‘Guidance for authors’ and contact Dr Adam Wright from the British Academy.

About the initiative

We have been working with the British Academy on their ‘The Right Skills’ initiative which is looking to promote the value of social sciences skills to the wider economy and society.

In 2017, the British Academy published a report entitled ‘The Right Skills: Celebrating Skills in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS)’. The project seeks to articulate and celebrate the skills gained through the studies of the arts, humanities and social sciences. The PSA recently took part in the latest part of this research, through a survey of learned societies on career guidance provision.

Clear takeaways from the initial report include that evidence shows that Arts, Humanities and Social Science graduates are valued in a wide range of professions; and their strong generic skills and flexibility mean that they can adjust in a wide range of work sectors. The full report is available here.

Please share this opportunity with your colleagues, particularly recent doctoral candidates, to ensure our discipline is represented in this important initiative.

Deadline is the 31 August.