To develop and support QM capacity specifically for politics teaching, the PSA invites applications to lead a PSA Quantitative Methods Teaching Network. The network would be expected to:

  • Develop innovative, accessible and engaging politics-focused teaching resources to support politics QM lecturers;
  • Share and spread best practice in engaging often reluctant students with QM teaching;
  • Develop and maintain a Network website accessible to network members (hosted by PSA);
  • Where possible, highlight links to politics datasets that may be used for politics teaching, learning and research;
  • Hold regular workshops or conferences focused on teaching and learning QM skills;
  • Work in co-operation with PSA and the Teaching and Learning Committee to promote the development and reach of QM skills in the politics curriculum.


If you wish to apply, please email Jack Neenan, who will provide you with an information pack.

The deadline for applications is: Friday 19th April.