The PSA is always happy to facilitate ECR research. We encourage you to share this call for participation with your undergraduate students and departments. 

Siobhan O’Neill is a Politics PhD researcher at the University of Manchester. As part of her research project 'How do racially minoritised students experience the whiteness of politics disciplines' she is undergoing a series of data collections. This call is for interview participants from: 

  • British students of colour/‘BAME’ students who are studying on a politics degree programme.

  • This can include Joint Honours degrees (e.g. Politics & History) and degrees that are more than just ‘Politics’ (e.g. Politics and International Relations, Political Economy, International Politics etc).

  • Students of all genders and ages.

  • Part-time and full-time students. Living-at-home and on-campus students.


What is the purpose of this research?

  • To interrogate the whiteness of Politics disciplines in Higher Education
  • To explore how students of colour experience and navigate race, racism, whiteness and coloniality in Politics
  • To contribute to dismantling whiteness and coloniality in Politics disciplines, as well as HE more broadly


Participants will be asked to undertake an interview of approx. 1-2 hours, 1-1 or with a friend who meets participation criteria. They may then be offered an invitation to an optional second phase of research - keeping a diary and a follow-up interview. Interviews will be confidential and your data will be anonymous. 

Please share the call as far as you can with the 'call for participation' poster below. 

If you meet the above criteria please contact directly.