The Foreign Affairs Committee is launching an inquiry into The UK’s relations with Hong Kong: 30 years after the Joint Declaration, and invites submissions of evidence and possible recommendations. The Committee would welcome submissions which assess in particular:

•         The FCO’s monitoring of the implementation of the Joint Declaration and Basic Law, including its six monthly reports to Parliament;

•         The UK Government’s relationship with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government;

•         The UK’s position on progress on political and constitutional reform in Hong Kong as it moves toward universal suffrage, taking note of the wider context of social and economic development in Hong Kong;

•         The UK’s presence and its ongoing interests in Hong Kong, including the prospects for trade, business, and cultural exchange;

•         The work of the British Council in Hong Kong.

Please note: As part of a scheme to encourage paperless working and maximise efficiency, the Committee is piloting a new web portal for online submissions of written evidence. Written submissions for this inquiry should therefore be sent via the Foreign Affairs Committee website.

Interested groups or individuals are encouraged to submit written evidence to the inquiry.  Written submissions are invited and should be received by the Committee no later than 14 October 2014. 

Since July 1997, the Foreign Secretary has reported to Parliament at six-monthly intervals on the implementation of the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong. The FCO’s latest six monthly report to Parliament can be found here

Inquiry-related questions: 

Please contact by email Zoe Oliver-Watts, Committee Specialist.

Specific Committee Information: Tel: 020 7219 6105; email: