Continuing a tradition that started in 2012, the Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG) invited short commentaries from its members, affiliates and the broader academic community prior to the Greek General Election on 25 January 2015, as a first ‘rapid’ reaction to the election results. The scale of the response was overwhelming and posed an editorial dilemma for the group, namely whether the pamphlet should be limited to a small number of indicative perspectives, perhaps favouring more established voices, or whether it should capture the full range of viewpoints. As two of the founding principles and core aims of the GPSG are to act as a forum for the free exchange of ideas and also to give voice to younger and emerging scholars, it was decided that all contributions that met our editorial standards of factual acccuracy and timely submission would be included. 

The result is an 88-page pamphlet, detailing the reactions to the elections and what the future holds for Greece, written by over 50 different experts on Greek politics. The pamphlet can be downloaded in full from this link.

The Greek Politics Specialist Group's website acts as an information and learning portal for those interested in Greek Politics while it also has a number of resources for postgraduates of all disciplines.