Dr Sadiya Akram and Dr Zoe Pflaeger Young are undertaking work mapping out measures for supporting ECRs returning to work after maternity/parental leave in Political Science and International Studies Departments. As such, they are undertaking a short survey of Heads of Departments across UK Universities to document departmental or faculty-wide provision.

The research seeks to understand and explain the experiences of ECRs; a sub-group of academics who experience a nexus of challenges, from job insecurity to the pressures of raising new families during a highly risky period in their careers. Supporting increasing equality and diversity in the recruitment and retention of ECRs from the widest pool of talent available is high on the agenda of the PSA, universities and policy makers more broadly.  This is the first stage in a project that we will follow up with qualitative work. 

Your participation in a short survey would be greatly appreciated. The responses to the survey will be anonymous and the results will be shared with all Heads of Departments as well as through the PSA's Early Career Network. 


For more information please contact:

Dr. Sadiya Akram

Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Rd, London, E1 4NS, UK

Dr. Zoe Pflaeger Young
Department of Politics and Public Policy
De Montfort University
Leicester, LE1 9BH