We are delighted to announce that the Political Studies Association (PSA) and the British Educational Research Association (BERA) will, from 25 March 2024, be sharing offices in Camden, London. The premises in Regent House, Pratt Mews is known as the Elizabeth Meehan Suite – named after the PSA’s first female Chair of Trustees and has been in the PSA’s ownership since 2018.  

In a move to make the best use of the assets of both charities, BERA and the PSA will be using the building on alternate days.


BERA and the PSA are two of the largest and longest standing Social Sciences learned societies and membership bodies dedicated to supporting and developing the disciplines of Education Research and Political Studies, respectively.


CEO of BERA,  Nick Johnson said: “This move is a win-win – not only does it respond to the new post-pandemic working arrangements with flexibility and an eye on preserving both association’s resources, but it will also hopefully lead to increased collaboration between BERA and the PSA and further strengthen the wider social science community.”


Michelle Doyle Wildman, Chief Executive of the PSA added: “I am thrilled that the trustees and staff of both associations have been able to land this new arrangement. The PSA is very much looking forward to exploring opportunities for further partnership with BERA to the benefit of our respective scholarly communities and wider society.”


The team at BERA can still be contacted at enquries@bera.ac.uk  For more details on the association: British Educational Research Association (bera.ac.uk)


The PSA can be contacted via info@psa.ac.uk. For more details on the association: The Political Studies Association (psa.ac.uk)