Today we have launched our #PSA21 virtual conference platform hosted by the brilliant team at VenuIQ.

Please use the FAQs below to help you guide your way through the conference platform. 

Don't forget that there is a live chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the site to further assist you. Once you have recieved your login key, keep it safe and access the site via:


Important Links:


Please be aware that, like an in-person event, our Anti-Harassment & DiscriminationSocial Media GuidanceFree Speech and Conduct and GDPR policies apply. Please familiarise yourself with these documents prior to the event.  

PDF programmes will be available shortly and will be posted here.


General Queries:


Q: Will recordings of presentations be available on-demand after they have been given?

A: Session recordings will be available on the conference platform for a week after the conclusion of the conference.


Q: How do I find out when a presentation is being given?

A: Details of each panel and presentation and when they are scheduled can be found in the programme on Venu-IQ, additionally a PDF download of a detailed programme and a summary programme can be found here.


Q: Where can I find the conference programme?

A: The conference programme is available by navigating at the top of the conference platform site.

Q: What other events are happening in conjunction with the conference?

A: Aside from the main conference presentations, we also have our PSA AGM, Keynote Speeches, Early Career Network Speed Mentoring, Teaching & Learning presentations and roundtables, a wellbeing session, and also a pub quiz! 




Q: I'm not in the UK - what time is my presentation?

A: The UK will be in the time zone "BST" for 29th - 31st March 2021. You can select your time zone when you log in to the platform or via your profile by clicking your icon in the top right. Additionally, you can use a converter to support here 


Q: How will I give my presentation?

A: All members of your panel session will join via a Zoom link specific to your session where you will be introduced by the panel chairs and then be able to give your presentation. Please ensure you have checked your microphone, video, internet connection, and ability to use Zoom ahead of the conference. You can join a test Zoom session via 


Q: Can you send me another link to my Zoom meeting?

A: Please contact with your panel details and associated email address to receive your Zoom link.


Q: When am I giving my presentation?

A: If you are unsure about your presentation details please refer to the online programme, or PDF programmes - if you're still unsure you can contact us at 


Q: When do I need to be ready to give my presentation?

A: The Zoom meeting will be started 15 minutes before the session goes live. Please join the meeting at that time to ensure your connection, webcam and microphone are working correctly.


Q: How do I edit my conference profile?

A: At the top right of the page you can click on your icon and this will provide an option to update your conference profile.


Q: Can I upload my conference paper?

A: The official deadline for uploading papers was on Sunday the 7th of March so we cannot guarantee any papers sent in after that time are included. However, please email papers to  along with the following information:

  • The title of the paper as the file name (please make sure this matches your presentation title as seen on the programme so we can correctly place it)
  • The panel/session your paper is associated with (as shown in the programme)
  • The time and date of your presentation
  • The name of the presenter(s) if you are submitting a paper on someone else's behalf


Q: Can I edit/revise my paper submission?

A: If you wish to send us a revised paper then please follow the instructions in the previous question, however as before we cannot guarantee to include this before the conference.


Q: Can I edit my paper abstract?

A: Please email with your new abstract and we will try to make time to amend it.


Q: Can I edit my panel description?

A: Please email with your new description and we will try to make time to amend it.


Q: Where can I find more information on how to use Zoom?

A: Zoom's website has many tutorials and videos which can be found here


Q: I can no longer present, can I provide a pre-recorded presentation?

A: The deadline for uploading pre-recorded presentations was Sunday the 7th of March. Unfortunately we cannot accept any more video submissions as we don't have time to review them to ensure they are adequate quality.


Q: I can no longer present, can I withdraw from the conference?

A: We request you inform us as soon as possible if you can no longer attend the conference. Please inform us via and your panel chairs if you can no longer present.


Q: Can the chair control the cameras/microphones of the panellists? 

A: Chairs can mute but not unmute and don't have control over your camera - please ensure you are ready to turn on and off your camera, as well as mute and unmute.


Q: When we are presenting will we be able to see the faces of other presenters of the same panel (and the chair)?

A: We are requesting that other presenters mute their mics and disable their cameras during other speakers' presentation, this is to ensure a focus on the current presenter - this will vary dependent on whether the session is a roundtable etc.


Q: If my internet connection is struggling, would turning my camera off during my presentation help with the quality?

A: Yes, if your internet isn't strong turning off your camera during your presentation will help ensure your audio and presentation come through more clearly. Please do try and ensure you test your connection beforehand.


Q: How long do I have for my presentation?

A: This varies from panel to panel dependant on the number of papers, it will be approximately 15 minutes and will be coordinated by your Chair


Q: Does our panel have to end exactly at the time it's scheduled to end?

A: Yes, in the same way others would be using the room after you in a physical conference there will be another session who will need the virtual room so sessions will need to end promptly. Chairs are requested to keep an eye on the time and to start wrapping up 10 minutes before the schedule end to ensure a prompt finish. 


Q: What do we do if there are more questions which haven't been answered that we'd like to continue discussing?

A: Attendees and panellists can see the group chat on the panel page and click 'follow this chat" which will add it to your personal messenger at the top of your screen. You will then be able to continue conversing with attendees who have also followed the chat. 


Q: I want to meet with another attendee, how can I do this?

A: Through the platform you can request a meeting with another attendee which will allow you to book a meeting in their calendar (once they accept) and you can video call them through the platform at this time.


Q: An attendee has not adhered to the PSA's Anti-harassment & Discrimination policy or the PSA's Free Speech and Conduct policy - what do I do?

A: Please inform the PSA by following the instructions in each policy to ensure the PSA is notified about this and can take action. 




Q: Who handles the Q&A questions?

A: The Chair will be provided a link which displays all of the questions which have come in during the session. The Chair is then to read through these and read them aloud for the presenters to answer - Chairs please note that attendees should be instructed that the Q&A is only for questions, statements can be posted in the group chat, and the thumbs up can be used to suggest they would have also asked the same question (not for whether an attendee agrees with a statement). 


Q:  Can listeners turn on their microphones and ask a question verbally?

A: Listeners are not in the Zoom meeting, they are watching a broadcast of it so this is not a possibility.




Q: Where can I learn more about the conference exhibitors?

A: Exhibitors have their own booths that can be found on the conference platform (check the navigation bar at the top). They include information about themselves, contact details, and also the possibility of one-to-one meetings with exhibitor representatives.


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