Results day has arrived. Well done for all your hard work especially in the challenging circumstances thrown up by the pandemic.

Congratulations if you have reached the required grades to continue your studies at university. And a very warm welcome to you if you have made the brilliant decision to study Politics or a related subject. 

If things did not go quite as planned (or indeed went better), we encourage you to contact your chosen universities regarding your options and check out the wide range of courses available to you through the clearing system. There are over 90 universities which offer undergraduate degrees in Politics found right across the UK  - so lots of avenues to go down to achieve your goals.

Want to hear from other Politics students? Take a moment to read Heather's reasons for choosing to study politics at university:


To learn more about what to expect while studying politics at university, please read our booklet which will introduce you to what is involved as well as the really important skills that you will acquire as a result. Data shows that Politics graduates have some of the best outcomes in terms of onward employment as well as fascinating avenues for academic teaching and research.

You can view the booklet here.

Undergraduate students can join the PSA for just £10 a year with access to wide ranging resources and support, so do take a look at the benefits of our student membership.


Also, consider joining the Young People’s Politics group – you can take a look at what this lively specialist group does here.


Four Reasons Why YOU Should Study Politics at University

Check out this video from Ali Obeid who says: “If you're thinking of studying politics, this video can help. I explain how a politics degree at university can benefit you, when it comes to things like building skills, and getting jobs. I genuinely believe that my politics degree has helped me a ton, in various ways, and if used properly, it could be a fantastic university degree for you”.