The inquiry

On 3 September 2013, the Committee agreed to conduct an inquiry into Parliament’s role in conflict decisions, to follow up on, and update, its previous work in this area (Parliament’s role in conflict decisions, Eighth Report of Session 2010-12; and Parliament’s role in conflict decisions—further Government Response, Twelfth Report of Session 2010-12).  On 6 September, it published a short report, reprising its previous views and announcing its intention to conduct further work in this area. 


Terms of reference for the inquiry

The main question on which the Committee is seeking written evidence is:

  • Given the commitment made by the Foreign Secretary in March 2011, how can progress be made on enshrining in law the necessity of consulting Parliament on military action?


How to respond

The deadline for written submissions is Friday 11 October 2013.  Submissions should not significantly exceed 3,000 words unless this has been cleared in advance with the Committee secretariat.  Written responses to the Committee will usually be treated as evidence to the Committee and may be published. If you object to your response being made public, please make this clear when it is submitted.

Written evidence to the inquiry into Parliament’s role in conflict decisions: an update should be submitted online


If you are considering submitting written evidence please read the following guidlines


If you intend to make a submission and require further time, please contact Edward Faulkner on 020 7219 0772 or