Our Early Career Network Committee is looking for new members for the 2019-2020 academic year! We would be delighted if you would like to nominate yourself. All you have to do is send a short statement on why you would be a suitable nominee (200 words max.) and the position you'd like to run for to ecn@psa.ac.uk  by Saturday 1st June.

For more information on the positions available click here.

Hear what our current committee has got to say!

My time on the ECN Executive Committee certainly hasn’t disappointed: I’ve met, and worked with, inspiring early career researchers (both on the committee and in the network more widely), felt much more connected with the wider profession (the willingness of senior and established academics to contribute to the ECN’s work is a continuous and heartening reminder that research and academia are collective endeavours), and honed my skills in event organisation, team working, and problem solving (e.g. when a speaker cancels on the day of an event!). The events we’ve organised (including one that I led on, with a focus on careers outside (as well as inside) academia) have been well received, it’s been great to see the ECN’s member-led grants support excellent events organised by those in the network, and I’ve gained new friendships with early career and established researchers. In short, being on the ECN Executive Committee has been inspiring, rewarding and, I hope, allowed me to contribute to our academic community.
Joe Greenwood (Secretary)
As a relative newcomer to the UK, I joined the ECN Committee as a way of building networks with other early career researchers and learning more about the PSA and its activities. I was very aware of the challenges facing early career researchers, particularly those trying to make the transition from PhD student to postdoc and I thought this would be a good way of getting involved and sharing experiences with the wider network. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time on the ECN Committee and working with my fellow committee members, and have learnt a great deal about organising events and working collectively.
Ellie Martus (Treasurer)
I found out the PSA ECN exists on my very first PSA conference in 2017. I was on my own and I thought it may be a good idea to join the first thing in the morning, which happened to be the PSA ECN Welcome Breakfast. There, I met a few other early career researchers, some of whom are my friends today. I saw the need for events bringing together researchers at a similar stage in their career. So I decided to put my name forward for the 2018/19 committee. As a non-UK EU national who did not have a very straightforward experience in academia, I also wanted to bring perhaps a different perspective in some of the discussions about early career research. I'm an avid tweeter in my migrant rights' activist life (which I do alongside my PhD), so I immediately thought I'd be best suited for the Communications Officer role. But this does not mean I only wrote tweets for @psa_ecn. As a committee, we worked together on all our events and made collective decisions. I learnt so much about early career academia, developed some of (very useful) admin skills and also had a lot of fun. Nominate yourself for 2019/20, it's worth it.!
Alexandra Bulat (Communications Officer)
As I came to the end of my doctoral study time I saw people who had already graduated from their PhD make the leap to work, but the route to get there was baffling. I came across the ECN by chance in one of the many emails in my inbox about a promising event. There I met a great bunch of people studying and working in all areas of politics with solid insight into that transition from study to work. The ECN is, to my knowledge, the only national network set up to train and assist political science students in this crucial stage of life. Through my involvement, I have worked as part of a team, from across the country and from a range of backgrounds. I have improved my skills in event planning, problem-solving, communication, and managing commitments, as well as meeting and getting to know a wide range of people in the discipline. I hope my contribution in my time as Chair of the ECN has contributed to help support and build relationships amongst our shared community in politics, and recommend the role for those who look to do likewise.
Sumedh Rao (Chair)