We are looking for nominations for members with expertise in formal theory/political methodology to join the REF sub-panel, as an output assessor.

Nominated individuals should be practicing researchers with recognised expertise in the field. Ideally any individuals nominated would not be conflicted with either the University of Oxford or University of Essex.

We need the nominations by 24 April in order to for members of the executive committee to process suggestions and present a final set on nominations by 26 April.

Please send nomination along with CV of nominee to Gerry Stoker.

Further information about the role of assessors is provided below.

Role of output assessors

Output assessors will play a full and equal role to the sub-panel members who have already been appointed, in assessing the quality of research outputs submitted by Universities. Output assessors will be expected to:

  • Attend a one day briefing meeting in November 2013
  • Attend around four meetings - some of which will take place over several days - during 2014. This includes all meetings at which the sub-panel will discuss the assessment of outputs and develop the output sub-profiles.
  • Review a range of outputs, in advance of meetings. The volume of material is expected to be around 300-400 outputs per person

Assessors (or their employers) will be paid a fee of £200 (before tax and NI deductions if applicable) for each day they attend meetings. They are also entitled to a preparation fee of £250 per sub-panel meeting attended, and the costs of standard class travel and hotel accommodation.