The Editors of Political Studies are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2018 Harrison Prize is 'Populism and the Erosion of Horizontal Accountability in Latin America' by Dr. Saskia Pauline Ruth, currently a Research Fellow at the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg. Dr. Ruth's article focused on the factors that shape Latin American populist presidents' incentives and their ability to engage in institutional change, and identified three conditions as most decisive: distribution of public support, the existence of a 'power vacuum' in the political arena, and the absence of unified government. Dr Matt Sleat, one of the editors of Political Studies, said 'While there were several high-quality papers under consideration by the panel, Dr. Ruth's article stood out on the grounds of its methodological rigour and the significance of its main findings. The question of the conditions under which populist leaders can, and cannot, undertake institutional change is of particular importance today, and we very much hope that this paper is widely read by anyone working on or interested in the nature and prospects of populist politics'.

The members of the 2018 Harrison Prize panel were: Dr. Saskia Bonjour (Amsterdam), Professor Allelien de Dijn (Utrecht), Dr. Patrick Flavin (Baylor), and Professor Jeremy Jennings (Southampton).

The paper is available to read via Political Studies' homepage on Sage Publications (access via this link), and the prize will be officially awarded at the Political Studies Association 2019 annual conference.