Our report and accounts are normally presented to members at our Annual General Meeting (which is held during our Annual conference). Clearly this year this was not possible, so we are providing this virtual opportunity for you to ask any questions on the annual report.

We would also welcome your more general feedback on the PSA’s activities:

-What we should stop doing?
-What should we start doing?
-What we should keep doing or do more of? 

You can read the report and accounts in full here you can also read the summary here. Please contact me on this via comms@psa.ac.uk.

As this impressive list of activities and accomplishments demonstrates, the PSA has been working hard to support you and to promote the fantastic work that our members do. In our new and challenging circumstances, we must now work even harder, and better, to make sure that the strength of political studies is recognised and maintained.

My vision for the PSA is to be an organisation striving for:

-Excellence – in supporting its members and in all its activities and events;
-Sustainability – both for PSA itself, but also for us to be contributing towards a sustainable society; and
-Diversity – in those who study and teach politics.

I would be delighted to hear from you via comms@psa.ac.uk on how we can make this a reality too.

You may also be interested to read two other papers:

-a paper specifically on publications from our new Vice-Chair and Publications lead Professor Claire Dunlop;
-a report from outgoing Chair Professor Angie Wilson which gives her reflections on what has been achieved over the last three years.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Professor Roger Awan-Scully

Chair, Political Studies Association