The Chair of the Political Studies Association, Professor Roger Awan-Scully, today welcomes the publication by the British Academy of its report ‘Qualified for the Future: Quantifying demand for arts, humanities and social science skills’.


The key findings of the report highlights that graduates in the arts, humanities and social sciences are just as employable as their counterparts in STEM subjects, fuel some of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK and enjoy rewarding careers in a wide range of sectors. 


In a statement, he said: “I was delighted to read this excellent report from the British Academy. Those of us who teach students in the arts, humanities and social sciences aim to equip our students to understand the world and participate in it in many ways - including, but not only, in terms of their economic productivity.

Nonetheless, it is very welcome to see this systematic presentation of the evidence, demonstrating just how well students across AHSS subjects, including Politics and International Studies, do in terms of employability and career prospects. Studying politics for part or all of your degree can make you more likely to get and keep a good job, as well as equipping you to be an informed and critical citizen.”


The full British Academy report can be found here.