The PSA is proud to be partnering with Shout Out UK - 'The home of political literacy and youth voice' to help deliver London Voter Registration Week! 

What is London Voter Registration Week?

It's a non-party political, impartial, non-election specific project run by the Greater London Authority, in partnership with a delivery partner, the London Voter Registration Strategic Partnership and a broad coalition of support, to encourage Londoners – especially under-registered and under-represented Londoners – to register to vote.


Building on LVRW3


1 in 3 young Londoners and a disproportionate percentage of ethnic minorities and private renters still not registered to vote. Despite being one of the most diverse cities in the UK, only 83 percent of Londoners from a Black ethnic background are registered, compared to 94 per cent of eligible White British Londoners. Commonwealth and EU Londoners are also under-registered – despite having voting rights in the UK. Commonwealth citizens can vote in all elections, but are failing to take advantage of their right to vote.

Last year, the Greater London Authority teamed up with Shout Out UK to launch London Voter Registration Week 2020 and to boost youth voter registration, and it raised by 23%! This year, Shout Out UK and the Greater London Authority are partnering again to bring LVRW 2021. With the support of a host of other statutory bodies, including the Electoral Commission, and a diverse array of civil society organisations from across London – the makers of the most successful metro city and regional voter registration drive are back for London Voter Registration Week 2021.

London Voter Registration Week 2021 will take place between 20 – 26 September and will see a social media campaign supported by a broad, cross-London coalition of civil society organisations made up of youth organisations; education and (inter)faith institutions; Black, Asian, ethnic minority and migrant community organisations; private renters groups and many others.

This huge coalition of civil society organisations shows the diverse support in London for  disseminating these vital resources in their networks and via online mediums, including resources in over 20 community languages, for victims of domestic abuse who can register anonymously, resources around mental health and climate change, and as well as new Media Literacy assets that tackle misinformation and disinformation. 


Find out more about London Voter Registration Week by going to their website.