Nominations closed on 8 March - thank you for your interest. You can vote in the trustee elections here


The PSA is a registered charity and to function requires a team of trustees (known as the Executive Committee) to set its strategy, oversee how it operates and invests its resources. We are now calling for nominations from our membership to serve as trustees to ensure the PSA continues its journey to excellence, sustainability, diversity, and growth as the leading learned society in our discipline.

You can find out more about our trustees and governance here.

All those elected will become legal trustees of the Association as a charity and, therefore, must act in accordance with Charity Commission guidelines. Please see here for more information.


Trustees serve on the Executive Committee for a maximum of two three-year terms. This year, we are looking to elect up to four positions:

  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Three trustees

These positions are open to all academic members.

The Executive Committee meets around four times a year – both online and in person (normally at the PSA’s London office). As such, the roles involve a time commitment in between meetings that fluctuates throughout the year but is not insignificant.


The role of Honorary Treasurer is clearly prestigious and as an ‘officer’ is a member of the PSA’s Senior Leadership Team. The Honorary Treasurer role primarily involves overseeing and presenting the budgets, management accounts and financial statements to the Executive Committee in close collaboration with the Chief Executive and Finance Manager (who manage finances day to day). They ensure the charity’s financial resources are invested in accordance with the PSA’s governing document and policies. A fuller description of the role is given in our bye-laws which can be found here. Knowledge of charity accounting is not essential with full training provided. However, some senior experience of departmental or programme management is desirable.

Trustees of the PSA have a chance to shape the organisation’s strategy and hence achieve more for our 1800+ members. It's an opportunity for you to develop your skills, broaden your networks and make your contribution to improving the PSA as well as providing an opportunity to give something back to the discipline and support others in their endeavours. You will be given full training and support in carrying out this important, enjoyable and fulfilling role.


The timeline for nominations and the election is as follows:

  • Nominations open: Wednesday 11 January 
  • Nominations close: Wednesday 8 March
  • Voting opens (if required): Wednesday 15 March 
  • Voting closes: Wednesday 12 April 
  • New trustees’ first Executive Committee: June 2023.


To run, please email with the following information:

  • Your name; 
  • Your institutional affiliation (if you have one);
  • Your PSA academic membership type (e.g. general, ECN);
  • The name and email address of a seconder for your nomination, who is also a PSA member (they may be based at your own institution or elsewhere), whose name as your seconder will be made public on your profile as a candidate;
  • A personal statement (max.150 words) that will be used within any election publicity as the rationale for why members should vote for you and what skills and experience you have that will make you a great trustee;
  • A headshot photograph to go alongside your personal statement. 


If an election takes place, please note the following campaigning rules for candidates:

  • Please keep the election a positive and good-humoured affair. If you happen not to be elected, there will be another election next year, so please focus on telling others of your possible contributions, rather than other candidates’ weaknesses. 
  • In terms of campaigning techniques, please feel free to canvas your colleagues and post on social media. If tweeting, please use #PSAelection23.
  • There is a strict budget of £0 for each candidate in the election; in other words, you cannot spend any money on your election, be it to purchase gifts for voters, take out newspaper advertisements, or otherwise!
  • If Specialist Groups wish to highlight individual candidates, they must please highlight every candidate who is a member of their Group when doing so. 


We look forward to receiving your nomination.


If you have any questions about these roles, standing or the election, please contact the Returning Officer, PSA Honorary Secretary, John Craig (