The PSA has sent the following letter to the Hungarian Minister of Education regarding their proposal to ban gender studies:


Dear Minister of Education,

The Political Studies Association is alarmed by the Hungarian government's proposal to ban Gender Studies programmes within its higher education institutions. This represents, we believe, a serious attack upon academic freedom and the spirit and ethos of the university as a centre of learning and expertise.

The proposed law to abolish the accredited MA program in gender studies in the Central European University(CES) and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) calls into question the Hungarian government’s commitment to the principles of democracy which are the bedrock of European states. In order to fully appreciate the various ways in which social structures such as gender, impact the lives of individual citizens, academic experts must be able to explore all avenues for social oppression, for economic inequality and for physical and mental harm.

Gender Studies is an integral part of understanding the complexities of social interaction, the impact of policy, the dynamics of the economy and the extent of abuse of personal and political power.

The Political Studies Association calls upon the Minister of Education to reject this amendment. We encourage all academics and academic associations to condemn this attack on academic freedom. We call upon all those who profess a belief in democracy, justice and equality to question this proposed ban by the Hungarian government and to stand alongside those who believe in academic freedom and intellectual pluralism.


The Political Studies Association Senior Leadership Team

Prof. Angelia R. Wilson, Chair

Prof. Feargal Cochrane, Vice-Chair

Mr. Phil Sooben, CEO

Prof. Yvonne Galligan

Dr. Paul Tobin

Prof. Claire Dunlop


cc. Mr Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Ambassador to the UK