How do I claim back the fees I have paid for conference registration? 


The PSA is fully committed to refunding those who registered for our Undergraduate Conference as soon as we can. To request a refund please email with the following details:

- Full Name
- Registration Fee Type (i.e. Non-Member)
- Proof of registration (i.e. email receipt) with date of registration

Please bear with us while we manually process these refunds, it may take the team some time. This email should be sent by no later than Wednesday  1st April.


When will I receive my refund?


We are aiming to ensure all attendees receive their refund by Friday 17th April.


I paid by bank transfer; how do I inform you of my details?


If you paid via bank transfer, in addition to the information request above please include the following details in your email:

- Bank Name
- Bank Address
- Account Number
- Sort Code
- IBAN No. (for international banks)


I became a member of the PSA for the conference, can I claim a refund?


We’re delighted to have you join PSA membership so you can access our member benefits for the year. We are unable to provide refunds for membership as these costs are separate to the conference. If you’d like to hear more about our member benefits please get in touch with us at


Why is the amount I paid different to the amount I've been refunded?


Due to bank charges the amount you receive back may be slightly different to the amount you’ve paid.