The Political Studies Association (PSA) is urging students across the UK to register to vote by 22 May in order to have their voices heard in the 2017 UK General Election.

In an article for the PSA, The Young Vote in 2017: Stat Attack, Dr Ben Bowman (University of Bath) looks at where the student vote is likely to be critical on 8 June.

Bowman has said "It's time we talked about how much power students could have if they organised to vote, in person or by post, in the University cities where they work, study and live."

In its efforts to get out the student vote, the PSA has produced an informational flyer encouraging all students to register to vote at by 22 May.

Bowman has predicted that student votes in Edinburgh South, Lancaster and Fleetwood, Sheffield Hallam, Chester, Wolverhampton South West, Norwich South, Ilford North, Bristol West, Brentford and Isleworth, and Ealing Central and Acton, will be particularly key. Read The Young Vote in 2017: Stat Attack to find out why, as well as predictions on turnout and where the youth vote might go.

The flyer is available to view, download and share here: /sites/default/files/GE2017%20The%20Youth%20Vote.pdf


For more information please contact:

Stefanie Mair, Communications and Media Relations Officer

Political Studies Association