Matteo Bergamini

Shout Out UK (SOUK) is a multi-award winning education brand, providing world class training and programmes on media and political literacy. It also serves a platform to voice opinions and incite positive change.

Schools can run the programme both offline or online via our e-platform, which ensures that the democratic process is fully embedded in schools!

The programme’s online version is divided into three courses, which link to KEY STAGE 3, 4 and 5. This allows schools to implement it throughout with ease! Teachers will be able to use our ‘pick-up and go’ resources to run the course themselves, with a series of animations, editable slideshows and full teaching resources to help with delivery.

As all activities with students are done online, it is effortless to track student progress and support young people aged 16+ to register to vote via our registration activity linked to the Cabinet Office’s website. Less paperwork ensures teachers save time (and the planet).

Within our Political Literacy E-Platform, students will be able to set up and run a Student Union, ensuring that they will practice what they have learned during our Political Literacy programme within the safety of the school environment. As our E-Platform automates most Student Union functions, it ensures maximum impact with minimum effort.


Click here to learn more about SOUK's Political Literacy course.


The PSA welcomes contributions from like-minded organisations looking to promote the study of politics amongst young people across the UK.