Meet the team...

James Wood, Craig Berry, Inga Rademacher, Sean McDaniel, Jeremy Green & Scott Lavery


The British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group is relatively new to the PSA, having been founded in 2017 by current convenors Jeremy Green (Cambridge) and Craig Berry (Manchester Metropolitan). Since then, James Wood (Cambridge), Inga Rademacher (KCL) and Scott Lavery (Sheffield) have joined as Convenors. Whilst Kate Alexander Shaw (LSE), Scott James (KCL), Sean McDaniel (Manchester Metropolitan) and Matthew Eagleton-Pierce (SOAS) are the Deputy Convenors of the group. 

The team research a wide array of topics in the broad fields of British, Comparative and International Political Economy, with a focus on economic policymaking, central banking, as well as the politics of financial globalisation. Although there is a focus on Britain, we have no specific focus on a region and examine these issues across a wide range of countries and regional hubs where Britain is included as a comparative case.

We were delighted to be jointly awarded this year’s ‘Specialist Group of the Year’ award from the PSA.


What are the aims of your Specialist Group?

The main aim of the group is to promote and advance the study of British and comparative political economy on a national and international basis. We also aim to facilitate discussions on the nature and future of political economy as a form of analysis. A key element of this is developing collaborative research networks of political economists whose scholarship focuses on Britain, or comparative analysis involving Britain. We also place an emphasis on providing a national platform to support the work of early career researchers and doctoral students specialising in British and comparative political economy.


What activities do you undertake as a group?

We hold an annual workshop for the Specialist Group members to showcase their research and obtain feedback from colleagues working on similar research areas. The pandemic encouraged us to hold regular online seminars with established and early career researchers so that we could maintain the strong research community that is at the core of the group. These online seminars were very successful, and we have several coming up in 2022 from a number of excellent academics including Juliet Johnson (McGill), David Hope (KCL) and Asli Cansunar (Washington). We hold panels at every PSA Annual Conference on various themes and are looking forward to York 2022!


How can new members get involved or find out more?

Please visit our website and follow us on Twitter (@PSAPolEc). You are encouraged to email James Wood ( if you have any specific questions about the group.