The Political Studies Association is alarmed by the Romanian government’s adoption of a ban on the teaching of issues of sex and gender, and strongly encourages its rejection by the Romanian Constitutional Court. Article 7 of the National Education Law prohibits “in units, in educational institutions and in all spaces for vocational education and training, including in units providing extracurricular education, activities aimed at propagating the gender identity theory or opinion, understood as the theory or opinion that gender is a different concept from that of biological sex and that the two are not always identical.”


The PSA believes this represents a worrying attack on academic freedom and European values of debate, democracy, and intellectual inquiry. This bill threatens the autonomy of universities and academics.


The teaching of gender, and of the differences between sex and gender, is a fundamental part of political studies and other disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, and beyond. The study of gender and politics is an internationally recognised and essential subdiscipline of political studies. Studying, researching, and debating sex and gender is an integral part of making sense of the political, social, economic, and cultural dynamics of today’s world. In particular, the study of sex and gender is crucial to understanding power, inequality, oppression, and violence at an individual and society-wide level.


The Political Studies Association strongly calls upon the Romanian Constitutional Court to reject this bill. We also encourage academics and academic associations worldwide to condemn this attack on academic freedom.


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