The Political Studies Association (PSA) recognises the importance of the action undertaken by the University and College Union (UCU), and gives our full support to concerns regarding workloads, casualisation of the profession, the attack on pensions and the gender pay gap.


As our membership includes academics who have a different pension provider, academics who are not in the UCU as well as non-academics, we have members who are partaking in the strike and those who are not. As was the case in 2018, the PSA is committed to supporting all of our colleagues throughout this period. We have postponed a number of PSA activities in order to allow those currently on strike to get involved. 


The Political Studies Association is the largest professional association of political scientists in the UK, and is a recognised charity by the Charity Commission (charity no. 1071825). As a charity, our work involves engaging with academic colleagues, university students and those with an interest in political studies outside of academia. Whilst engaging with higher education, as an organisation we are not subject to the strike action currently underway and so continue to operate. We will respect the digital picket by not tweeting until after 4th December. 


As an act of solidarity with our members who are currently taking strike action we will be making a donation to the UCU Fighting/Hardship Fund.


For further comment from the PSA, please contact us at