The Political Studies Association (PSA) is pleased to announce that three new Trustees, due to start in June, have been elected to our Executive Committtee. 

We are pleased to announce that the following members will be joining the PSA Executive Committee as new trustees from June 2019, for a three-year term:

· Prof. Fiona Mackay (Honorary Secretary) 
· Dr Stuart Wilks-Heeg
· Dr Andy Mycock

Five candidates stood for election to the PSA’s Executive Committee of Trustees: two for Honorary Secretary and three for the two open Trustee positions. The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the overall policy and direction of the Association. Following three weeks of campaigning, 429 votes were cast and the outcome of the election has been verified by the Returning Officer, Paul Tobin. We are grateful to everyone who ran for election and we would like to also thank every member who took the time to vote.

For the full results of the election please contact Paul Tobin at

Elections to the Executive Committee take place on a rolling basis, and so we welcome members to consider running in the 2020 election next spring.