Dan Pullin


PSA School members were fantastically active during UK Parliament Week 2019 - read about what went on here! 

"In our third year of running UKPW we tried to put on a range on events to engage the students.


A week of assemblies to all year groups attempted to explain the current situation in parliament as well as demystifying the Brexit positions of the different Westminster parties.


The week started with A-level politics students visiting a local primary school to teach the Year 3-6 students how to have a parliament style debate, complete with bobbing and referring to each other as 'right honourable'. The successful motion was, "This house believe that single use plastics should be banned".



Thursday saw us welcome the Adam Smith Institute for a day seminar aimed at Sixth Form students on a variety of issues including freedom of speech, democracy, universal basic income, inequality and drug liberalisation. Great debates were hand and we were pleased to be joined by two other local schools - Bacarras and Faringdon Community College.


Finally, the Friday saw us launch our newly elected and re-branded School Parliament where members will be representing the views of their year groups on whole school issues such as the environment and uniform. Overall, a very busy week has definitely raised the profile of parliament in our school."


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