The Political Studies Association held its inaugural "What's Happening..." event looking back over the last 18 months of Western politics.
Hosted by Michael Crick, Channel 4 News, speakers from the PSA's Specialist Groups discussed populism and the role it has played in the recent elections in the US, UK, France, and Germany, and the upcoming election in Italy. 
Andy Knott (University of Brighton), Mara Oliva (University of Reading), Davide Vampa (Aston University), Jim Shields (Aston University), Josefin Graef (University of Birmingham), and Andy Mycock (University of Huddersfield) all spoke at the event hosted at The British Academy on 25 January. 
You can watch some of the event below and blogs from each of the speakers will be added over the coming weeks. 

As part of the What's Happening series, The PSA is delighted to offer a range of free to access journal articles on populism featuring several speakers from this event

What's Happening in Contemporary Western Politics?