The Political Studies Association (PSA) notes the report, The Role of EU funding in UK research and innovation, published today (24 May) commissioned by the Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society on the role of EU funding in UK research and innovation.

The report finds that 21% of research income for politics and international studies currently comes from EU funding sources.

PSA Chair, Professor Angelia Wilson, said: "As Britain prepares to leave the EU, withdrawal from competitive EU funding programmes poses a major risk to the UK's research capacity in the medium-term and beyond unless provisions are put in place to maintain investment at current levels."

This is also essential for supporting Britain's continued influence in international research networks and collaborations. In the social sciences, this comes in the context of declining ESRC funding in real terms in recent years.

Professor Wilson added: "At a time when the UK faces significant national and global challenges, the funding of politics and international studies research is critical to advancing understanding of how governments and wider society can respond."



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