The PSA Teaching and Learning Network has launched its fourth webinar series 'Teaching Politics and IR Online: Key Issues, Skills and Pedagogy '. This series has been recorded and relevant information and resources can be found here.


This webinar focuses on integrating quantitative methods into substantive teaching and assessment (i.e., “betrayal”) to provide UG students with the essential skills and the enthusiasm of wanting to learn more about quantitative methods (i.e., “forgiveness”). The webinar shares experiences of integrating quantitative methods in a curriculum with limited methods focus; provide teaching examples that focus on reading and interpreting quantitative output; and give incentives to teach simple data analysis in lab-format tutorials. Student feedback of good and not-so-good experience and practice will be reported as well.

This webinar was delivered live on Wednesday 23rd June, 3-4pm,  led by Dr Kathrin Thomas & Dr Adrian Millican, University of Aberdeen & Durham University.

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