What is "Changemakers"? 

In 2020, as a new partner of UK Parliament Week (UKPW), Senior Lecturer in Politics at the Open University, Dr Donna Smith, led the Changemakers social media campaign. The campaign, designed with students as partners as part of the Open Politics initiative, engaged students and the wider public in making a difference by learning about political engagement. The campaign asked people to think about individuals who made a change in society and the impact they've had (politically, democratically, socially), with people submitting their nominated changemaker on Twitter.  


Following the success of the partnership and campaign, this year, in collaboration with the UK Parliament and the Political Studies Association, The Open University launched the Changemakers Guide – a step-by-step guide to making political and social change, from the initial stages of planning and research, to getting your MP on board, and other ways of having an impact, such as through social media.  


Find out more about Open Politics and download the Changemakers Guide